Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stripped Down

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

a) Check my cell phone
b) Check my emails
c) Check my Face book
d) All the above

Do you subscribe to any of these options? The answer most likely is ‘yes’! No worries, you are not the only one. Josh-the high school student next door sends 7000 texts on an average every month. His girlfriend Nora has like 1000 plus friends on her FB account and Vishu, across the street is almost always available on gmail. Why? To stay connected of course! Yes, we are all very hyper active social butterflies who have to know and more importantly tell everything every minute about our not-so-important lives. We happen to be so much engulfed in this virtual maze that our real lives retrograde to detached caldrons, way too reluctant to even venture proper conversations for real. Scary, right?

But there are chances of redemption before we sacrifice our minds and lives totally to high-tech dominance. Life Organizational Expert Peter Walsh advised “stripped down”. To strip down everything that comes between you and your best life. If that means to get rid of technology for the moment, then do so! One needs to de-clutter and reorganize ones personal space every now and then to live a healthy baggage free life that ushers new promises while maintaining the harmony of existing surrounding.

Life still celebrates the little moments of emotional stirrings. Maybe its time to take our eyes off the blue screen and smile that refreshing smile that no one has seen in a while. You sure can do it still, no?