Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just watched the Hindi remake of Husbands and Wives on! Well, as you can imagine, when the topic is something like love-life outside wedlock, the protagonists being skeptic & experimental conjugal partners, our Bollywood rookies got to make it a bit corny. But overall, it’s a good copy and copy it is, scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue. One thing that I’d like to mention, none of the couples looked old enough to be facing midlife crises and Konkona of all didn’t look like to be twice divorced and thrice married! Besides, the voice of the inquisitor, that of the shrink in the original, sounded too young and jovial, something like the interviewers of MTV roadshows that quite didn’t fit with the mood of the movie and what ‘bout some sensible nomenclature? An introspective, psycho-analytical satire named: Dil Kabaddi??!!