Thursday, March 18, 2010

The art of doing nothing...

Finally...yes, finally the moment has come when my three-and-a-half month old son is asleep, my husband is busy at work, my in-laws have gone back home to Kolkata, my friends have decided to give my cell and landline number a break and am in a totally jobless state of mind and status in a very very long time. Wow. I can just hang loose and do nothing now! Can you believe it?

I once saw this technique of deep breathing on TV that can really sober you down. I need it badly. Right now. This moment of nothingness is just so oh-all-encompassing. It freaked me out completely. OK, here I go: ha sa ha sa

Well, things of monumental consequesnces are happening around the world right at the moment...say for example 1/3 rd seats in the state and central legislative are being researved for women in India. (How can I let this opportunity go and speak nothing? I want to start a revolution against all those men who think women need quota to attain a platform!) and for the first time in the history of Oscars, a woman got the best director award! Three cheers to Kathryn Bigelow! I must watch the movie now (at least the first few scenes)...let her ex-husband's Avatar rot on the shelf...

Oh by the way, I still have to look into the TIME for the latest on Afghanistan and did you know that hundreds of teachers are being fired in the name of educational reforms! Heard it's the headline on today's Mercury what'll happen to those useless, obnoxious teens in the public schools? Maybe they'll catch up on medical marijuana and gay marriages (Oprah's supposed to interview Ellen and Portia today). Want a glimpse? Nah, I wont waste my precious moments on the idiot box.

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot, my school friend and his wife is going to drop in for dinner tonight. So, let me chop a few onions and peel a couple of potatoes right away. No way, not going to the kitchen now.

What about clearing up the credit online lest it dabs my credit history? Hmm, that means, 'll have to start that godforsaken laptop again...I'll never be able to finish it on time as it takes 20 mins on an average to open the homepage you see.
Or maybe scroll through the unending missed calls list on my cell phone and make some attempt to amend. How about calling my ex-colleagues and congratulating them, as their copatriot The Polaris Project just bagged lumsum dollars from the UN to fight human trafficking?

I change my mind. Let me try that spa-type skin rejuvinating facial cream instead.

Oh boy, what was that? my phone screamed from a dingy corner and my baby just let out a war-cry! Up you go, woman...

ha sa ha sa